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The Cynical Voter

Posted: 2010-11-02T08:01:31Z[UTC] by Alex

Bother to Vote

They get you through television, radio, mail, and by calling you. For the last few months we've all been bombarded with half (or less) truths from an array of candidates and groups supporting one initiative or another. With every election I find myself becoming more and more cynical. So cynical in fact I've threatened to not vote just out of spite though I know that won't solve anything.

Each of the candidates spends more time putting down their opponent(s) then presenting exactly what it is they stand for and why they would make the best next whatever. Not to mention the fact that millions upon millions of dollars are spent to get the word out for the different campaigns. It's gotten to the point (and has been that way for a long time) where regular Joes can't run for an office of their choice simply because they don't have the money.

Some might say that that's what fund raising is for, but I say why should it be necessary to spend so much money when it could be put to much better use. I really think it's time that we overhaul our political system. I'm certainly not holding my breath though.

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